HR policy

For Mahola Hôtesses, a targeted, varied and very skilled recruitment is the main guarantee to ensure a quality service.

Mahola.fr, job boards, social networks, internal promotion: the agency chooses effective tools to attract the best profiles. It rigorously selects candidates through a 4 stage recruitment process. The necessary criteria include an excellent presentation, standardised language and competency in English (TOEIC equivalent tests).

To build solid and loyal teams, Mahola Hôtesses relies on an attractive pay policy, rewarding skills, flexibility and performance. Individual review meetings at the end of the year respond to the need for training, development and internal mobility. Lastly, Mahola Hôtesses accompanies its associates daily via help with accommodation, guarantees on rental houses, moving support and an optional mutual fund.

Mahola Hôtesses maintains a constant relationship with its staff. To better unite its teams, the Mahola agency makes available online, via the associate area, all the necessary information to optimise associates’ work and strengthen links with its staff members.

Mahola Hôtesses offers its staff training ensuring the quality of the tasks that are entrusted to them and developing their skills: (behavioural training, specific training on the site, checking knowledge and CPD). The agency has also put in place pedagogical support and efficient accessible e-learning tools in the associate area.